Where to begin? It's been a few years since I'd last blogged, let alone written anything in paragraphs. I'm honestly having trouble stringing words together for this first post. But I guess the writing process itself will be one of my objectives here, which reminds me that some context and my objectives for this blog are probably what I should've written about in the first place.

So onto some background: I'm Nix. I like giant robots. And I also like scale models of giant robots. And with the territory comes liking other plastic models (plamo). Hence the name of the blog.

I've been straight-building kits for a few years now, only adding a few enhancements like panel lining and decals. But the recent quarantine has given me time and motivation to learn painting, modding, and scratch-building, the progress of which I've been sharing to my friends on our group chat. Constantly. So yes, I also started this blog so that I can spam them less often. Hopefully.

Lastly, I'd like to use this blog to chronicle the things that I build and whatever I might have learned in the process. I hope to post completed builds, progress photos, product reviews for plamo-related stuff, and maybe even tutorials. And with that, I hope to see you again on the next post.

You can reach me at nix at plamodiaries dot com.


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